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Mens Spirit Wetsuit - Sleeveless



The Entrix Wetsuit was made with two things in mind. Speed in the water & fast transitions. Using our unique patented technologies in collaboration with industry leaders we have created the fastest, most buoyant and comfortable wet suit on the market.

  • Super Stretch Neoprene - Our Spirit wetsuit is made of 100% super stretch neoprene with super elastic jersey inside all over the whole body, while others only use at shoulder, and  arm pit, hence our suit is more comfortable, easier for the whole body movement in swimming, not only paddling.
  • Dimple Drag Reduction (DDR) - Patent Dimple Skin - Our front body panel and front thigh panels use this patented dimple skin surface.  Based on aerodynamic theory, the dimples(concave holes) would generate more buoyancy when gliding along the water during swimming.  In turn, swimmers spend less efforts but faster.  Also our dimple skin neoprene is made of sandwiched layers which composes of air sac in between, which supplies even more buoyancy.
  • Quick Cuff (QC) - At ankle cuffs, we install a special thin skin like material which has huge flexibility, that makes donning of the suit much more easier and qyuiker.
  • G-lock Zipper
  • Super Composite Skin (SCS) Coating - This layer of coating helps reduce water drag in water like any other high end swimming wetsuit.

Entrix adopts the latest technology in wetsuit design by using our PATENT Dimple Drag Reduction (DDR) rubber contouring the body & legs increasing speed through the water. The firm fit to the body is compressive yet non-restrictive offering that fine balance between keeping water out and your comfort while swimming.

The Entrix suit provides float through the upper body, the core and the top of your legs.  Instead of working hard through the water, you’ll sit on top of the water saving precious energy.  

Races can be won or lost through transition so we designed a Quick Cuff (QC) allowing you to effortlessly remove the suit without a fight (or having remove your watch). Our QC is made of a super stretch rubber which allows easy exit from the suit without compromising the tight fit required to keep water out.

As expected Entrix applies SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating to reduce friction through the water. This process also binds and strengthens the neoprene for extra durability. This, when combined with super stretch material, reduces your chance of puncturing & tearing the suit.



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